About us...

... and our work at the Seighof!

In the summer, we tend to our fields and pastures, because the rhythm of work must of course harmonise with the annual natural cycle. Horses come to graze on our alpine pastures on the Bernkogel in the summer in the company of mother cows and young cattle from different farms, which also send their animals to us “on holiday” from mid-May to September. 

As far as forest work is concerned, we maintain the forest and use the wood we need. It is important to replenish our store of firewood. The wood is the fuel for our woodchip heating and as the next “winter is coming”, its supply has to be planned at least two years in advance considering the long drying times.

By the way, when working with our wood, we have a workplace with a view that is as perfect as you can see on the WebCams installed at our alpine hut, which you can only dream of at the office! However, you do need to be fairly robust against the weather… the processing to woodchips is a task for big lads, who have wallowed in sandboxes, and swapped shovel and Matchbox cars for trucks... When heating with wood not only do we like the idea of using the oldest way of generating heat, but that it is a natural and sustainable source.

Last but not least, various refurbishments have been and are still being carried out on the guesthouse, and you can read more under the “History” section of our website.

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